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We keep it real.


Bitterroot Warrior Arts is proud to specialize in Ronin Goshin Jutsu Self-Defense, traditional Japanese Jujitsu, Karate and Kickboxing. 

For kids, we offer Judo-Jujitsu
 and Karate-Kickboxing with our Little Ronins Program for ages 6 to 12.

Additionally, our facility has Zumba Fitness, Power Yoga, Sculpt & Tone Fitness, Yoga, and Senior classes. 

All our Adult classes (ages 12 & up) are FREE for the first time. Come try them out!

We also offer discounts for parents, guardians and family of our Little Ronins students... We love our  Bitterroot Warrior Arts family!

Bitterroot Warrior Arts is located at 1200 Eastside Hwy Suite C, just 1/2 mile north of the 4-way stop in Corvallis, MT. 


You will also find us at Bitterroot Warrior Arts Stevensville , located at 4039 Hwy 93 N Suite D.

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