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Bug Out Montana Survival Center offers specialty classes that focus on mental and physical preparedness for you and those you care about. 

If you are interested in attending one or more of our classes below, call (406)552-8250 or click on one of the "Sign Up" links below to email us.  All of our classes require pre-registration.


We also teach private classes to groups of five or more.

Specialty classes are held in our "Education Room"* at Bug Out Montana Survival Center, 1200 Eastside Hwy, Suite C (*unless specified elsewhere).  We are just 1/2 mile north of the 4-way stop in Corvallis, MT. 



Class Time: 2 hrs.

As each day we face new challenges and uncertainties, it is pertinent that we know how to have the right frame of mind to make good decisions that will help us move FORWARD, not backward.
This specialty class is designed to help:
- Mental awareness
- Stress resolve
- Body function recognition under high stress input
- How to act and not be acted upon
- Verbal tactics
- Problem-solving




Class Time: 2 hrs.

This is class designed to help you cope with the hardships of a 72-hour emergency scenario while signaling or awaiting rescue.  You will also learn skills for navigation in case you are in familiar surroundings, but still lost.
This class concentrates heavily on the important aspects of short-term survival with many exercises in Fire, Shelter-Building, Water Purification, Defensive Methods, Food Preservation and Basic Medical Attention.




Class Time: 8 hrs. - Held over 2 days

In this course designed for students ages 6 to 12, instructors will teach about the "High 5 to Stay Alive", which concentrates on the important aspects of short-term survival: Defense, Fire-Building, Food Preservation, Water Purification, Shelter-Building and Medical.  Students will also learn about "The Dynamic Diamond".

This fun and educational outdoor day camp takes place over the space of two days. Lunch and snacks are provided. Students must dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear.
Students MUST be pre-registered to attend this class.


Additional Classes Coming Soon!

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