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If you are interested signing up for a course, call (406)552-8250 or click on one of the "Sign Up" links below to email us.  All of our classes require pre-registration.


We also teach private classes to groups of five or more.

Specialty classes are held in our "Education Room" at Bug Out Montana Survival Center in Corvallis (1200 Eastside Hwy, Suite C) or Bug Out Montana Survival Center in Stevensville (4039 US Hwy 93 N, Suite D), unless specified elsewhere.

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Class Time: 2 hrs.

This is the beginning our "High 5 to Stay Alive" Series and is designed to help you cope with the hardships of a 72-hour emergency scenario while signaling or awaiting rescue.  You will also learn skills for navigation in case you are in familiar surroundings, but still lost.
This class concentrates heavily on the important aspects of short-term survival with many exercises in Fire, Shelter-Building, Water Purification, Defensive Methods, Food Preservation and Basic Medical Attention.




Class Time: 5 hrs.

This class is the second in our "High 5 to Stay Alive" Series and will detail the major five elements that you would need to sustain life.
Held outdoors, this course will start with shelter-building: learning how to identify a natural shelter, how to build a short-term shelter and identifying what a long-term shelter looks like and how to identify it.

We will then be talking about food preservation and water purification; learning how the three different forms of food preservation work and how to purify water using three different forms.
Participants will be taught how to build traps and snares, different forms of fire, basic first aid and both hand-to-hand  combat and weapon building.
This is a 5-hour course and will be held outdoors at a designated location.  Cost is $125 and is for ages 14 & up.





Class Time: 1.5 hrs.

This is an introductory radio class promoting safe operation on commonly used public frequencies (bands). It explores simplex, unlicensed radio communications using Baofeng and “walkie” style radios. Students will also attempt simple programming of FRS radio frequencies and some emergency channels. Citizen band (CB) radio will also be discussed. 

This course is intended for those with a beginning interest in radios, emergency communications, and basic troubleshooting procedures. 

We encourage you to bring a radio you’re comfortable with. Walkie-talkie, Baofeng, and other Family Radio Service (FRS) band radios are used for most classroom exercises. Operation manuals may also be useful for in-class reference.


Crisis Management photo.png


Class Time: 2 hrs.

The "Crisis Management & Communication Basics" Class revolves around identifying your crisis and understanding how different forms of crisis may arise in personal, public, and organized settings.

We will be discussing varying forms of crisis, including control and non-control, such as natural disasters, and the building of a crisis-management framework, individually and as a community or organization.

We will learn how to anticipate a crisis and how effectively prevent any possible threat.

Some of the topics you will learn in this class are situational awareness, critical incident stress management, leadership and emergency problem-solving as a team, thus preparing you for our advanced classes.

This class is two hours and is held at Bug Out Montana Survival Center.

Cost is $50 per person and is for ages 12 and up.




Class Time: 2 hrs.

This class will cover “Travel Security” (TS) fundamentals such as pre-travel risk assessment, pre-travel planning and preparation, risk mitigation techniques while traveling, and incident response. This course will discuss both domestic and international travel.

The TS course will provide a basic understanding of how to plan and achieve safe personal and business travel for individuals and families. We will discuss how to prepare a survey to plan for safe travel to destinations of varying risk. Emphasis will be placed on preparation, risk avoidance, risk mitigation techniques and incident response. Risk categories discussed will include political, criminal, and medical vulnerabilities.

This class has a duration of approximately two hours and is held at Bug Out Montana Survival Center.  Cost is $50 per person and is for ages 12 and up.




Class Time: 2 hrs.

As each day we face new challenges and uncertainties, it is pertinent that we know how to have the right frame of mind to make good decisions that will help us move FORWARD, not backward.

This specialty class is designed to help:

- Mental awareness
- Stress resolve
- Body function recognition under high stress input
- How to act and not be acted upon
- Verbal tactics
- Problem-solving

This class is 2 hours and is held at Bug Out Montana Survival Center's private range.  Cost is $50 and is for ages 12 and up.




Class Time: 1.5 hrs.

In a disaster situation, what would you take with you? Where would you go if you were forced to leave your home?  What items would beneficial to have ready and waiting... JUST in case it was time to leave with only a few moments notice?
All these questions are covered and more in Bug Out Montana Survival Center's "Bug Out Bag Basics" class.
We've used the gear, spent the money and time, testing it out so YOU won't have to!
This class will be an eye-opener as well as save you money by knowing what works and what doesn't .  We will also explain the top 10 mistakes people make while building a bug out bag.




Class Time: 8 hrs. - Held over 2 days

In this course designed for students ages 6 to 12, instructors will teach about the "High 5 to Stay Alive", which concentrates on the important aspects of short-term survival: Defense, Fire-Building, Food Preservation, Water Purification, Shelter-Building and Medical.  Students will also learn about "The Dynamic Diamond".

This fun and educational outdoor day camp takes place over the space of two days. Lunch and snacks are provided. Students must dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear.
Students MUST be pre-registered to attend this class.




Class Time: 2 hrs.

Come learn a unique and fun way to prepare delicious meals and desserts for your family and friends with our "Dutch Oven Cooking" class.  See how simple it is to prepare meals around the campfire and at home using your own cast iron cookware.

Traditionally seen as a campfire method of cooking, dutch ovens have become popular for home cooking as well. 

This class takes the intimidation out of heating coals, seasoning the cast iron and calculating heating temperatures.

In this introductory course, your instructor will share with your their favorite recipes and hints for a successful meal every time.


Screenshot 2023-08-23 175856.png


Class Time: 2 hrs.

The thought of losing a loved one to a kidnapping or abduction is a horrifying thought.  Our “Anti-Abduction” class will address these fears and teach in a form that both children and adults can understand.  We will discuss ways to prevent and combat such an attack and bring awareness to everyone.

Our instructors will teach how to read predatorial behavior and, as a family, build a contingency plan to and attack or abduction.  This class allows time for questions and answers about abduction tactics that may be used against you and your family members.

No equipment is necessary to attend this class, although we do suggest bringing a paper and pen for lots of notetaking as well as a water bottle.

This 2-hour class is recommended for ages 6 & up and is $75 per adult ($50 for ages 6-17).




Class Time: 3 hrs.

The “Hunter's Confidence” Course is a live-fire training course where participants practice safe, accurate round placement on steel targets between 50 and 200 yards while hiking across wooded terrain with firearms they plan to use for the hunting season.

During the course, students will also discuss the implications of constitutional carry, selecting appropriate gear, first-aid, and sidearm considerations for wilderness self-defense.

Nobody wants to miss when it matters most. Bench rest shooting and zeroing at a range only offers so much practice. With the Hunter Confidence Course, you can train as you'll hunt, while also addressing and preparing for some of the unexpected.

Sign up today, while ammunition is still more plentiful than deer!
This 3-hour class is $120 per person and is recommended for ages 12 & up.  It is held outdoors at a designated location.


Revolver class_edited.jpg


Class Time: 4 hrs.

This class is an introduction to the defensive use of the revolver, where students will learn the advantages of the revolver for defensive use. 

Learn loading, unloading and administrative handling of your chosen revolver as well as how to select your revolver and all the nuisances of a round gun.

You’ll also learn the benefits and drawbacks of different calibers and different-sized revolvers.

This 4-hour class is $175 per person and is recommended for ages 21 & up.  It is held outdoors at a designated location.


Mountain Lion.jpg


Class Time: 2 hrs.

Have you seen how a domesticated cat plays with its prey?  Now imagine the damage an unsuspecting person can receive from a mountain lion that weighs nearly 200 lbs. more than that!

In the “Animal Defense & First Aid” class, students will learn about animal awareness, the type of threatening animals in our region and what would provoke an attack.  We’ll also talk about what happens prior to, during and the aftermath of an attack.

We’ll explain some common misconceptions when it comes to animal attacks and discuss the selection of deterrents available and the result of their use.

A specific type of first aid will be discussed that revolves around punctures, deep scratches, lacerations, infections and more.

This class is excellent for people who enjoy the outdoors like to hunt, camp, hike, as well as those who live in wildlife-prone areas and those who enjoy being outdoors.  This will be a very hands-on experience.

This 2-hour class is $50 per person and is recommended for ages 12 & up. It will be held at Bug Out Montana Survival Center.


Canned Food in Boxes


Class Time: 2 hrs.

Description coming soon!


Medicine Kit


Class Time: 2 hrs.

Description coming soon!


Mountain Wilderness.jpg


Class Time: 2 hrs.

Description coming soon!


Home invader.jpg


Class Time: 2 hrs.

Also referred to as a “Shoot/No Shoot” class, the "Guardian Protection Course" is an intermediate to advanced course. It will challenge you as a gun fighter.

The focus will be to expand your knowledge on holster and equipment selection and develop your

proficiency in drawing from a holster and engaging multiple threats. Our goal is to help each student to develop stronger gun handling skills and techniques that will fit each student’s individual carry style. 

You'll be shooting in environments that duplicate real life, such as from a vehicle, home, a restaurant, church and more.

Keep in mind that this defensive shooting class is for all experience levels. If you are comfortable with

your firearm and have had training, we can make you a better defender of yourself and others. If you're brand new to defensive shooting, we can get you started down the right road to help build your competency.

We will cover:

1. Reactions to an Imminent Home Invasion

2. Calling 911: What to Say and Do

3. Intuitive Defensive Shooting Basics

4. Defensive Accuracy

5. Balance of Speed and Precision

6. The Body’s Natural Reactions

7. Training methodologies to continue developing your skills and additional concepts as time allows


Additional Classes Coming Soon!

Upcoming Specialty Classes, Courses and Events

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